• Austerity alternatives
  • Austerity - there is an alternative
  • Join us in defending education, health and welfare

The austerity programme does not work  
It is unnecessary, unjust, immoral and undemocratic


  • Do not accept that the government's austerity programme is necessary
  • Are a broad, united campaign against cuts and privatisation
  • Are linked to no particular political party
  • Reject proposals to 'solve' the crisis by discriminating on the grounds of disability, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation or identity
  • Encourage a wide debate on how to protect the welfare state and develop an alternative programme for economic and social reform
  • Stand with the movement of resistance across Europe
  • Defend the people's right to protest, and so we support the right of unions and campaigns to organise and take such action as their members democratically decide is necessary
  • Have a plain and simple goal: to make government abandon its austerity programme. If it will not it must be replaced with one that will

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Alternatives exist:

  • Debts can be dropped
  • Privatisation can be reversed and common ownership embraced
  • A living wage can begin to combat poverty
  • Strong trade unions can help redistribute profit
  • The vast wealth held by corporations and the trillions held by the super rich in tax havens can be tapped
  • Green technology, alternatives to the arms industries, a rebuilt infrastructure including growth in manufacturing can provide jobs
  • Banks can be placed under democratic control
  • Troops can be withdrawn
  • Trident's replacement can be cancelled

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