Minutes - 12th August 2013

Owen Jones meeting on 5th September

  • DPAC can't send a speaker
  • Hands Off Our Homes are providing a speaker
  • KONP are providing a speaker
  • Rehan from Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers has volunteered to speak
  • Richard can get leaflets printed for £130 for 1000 or £170 for 2000, 24-hour turnaround glossy double-sided A5 colour
  • We will speak to disability activists locally to see if they are up for speaking
  • Press release agreed and also agreed that if anyone has proposals for who the contact should be then they should circulate them by email or fb tomorrow.
  • The leaflet and press release will say either "Owen Jones and local campaigns" or "Owen Jones and local NHS and anti-austerity campaigns" are speaking, depending on how much space there is to say it.
  • Agreed that we want to go for 2000 leaflets (costing £170)
  • Ged will circulate a design for the leaflet tomorrow
  • When the leaflet is finalised then Ged will email it out in a format that is shareable on social media (e.g. a JPEG file)
  • If anyone has ideas for the title of the meeting then you should circulate them by email o fb tomorrow and if there is more than one idea then we will do a fb poll to decide it
  • We will ask local trade unions to express their support for the People's Assembly so we can publicise that it has a broad base of support
  • Brian will speak to Councillor Asghar Khan about our booking at the Council Chambers to check that it is firm and Matthew will chase up the booking at the Rosebowl. We will make a decision in the next few days about which venue to use based on the certainty of the booking. However, if one falls through then they are nearby so we should continue with both bookings.
  • A publicity working group was set up and they will add locations to the leafleting list based on the discussion at the meeting and co-ordinate leafleting for the meeting. Anyone who would like to be involved in this working group should email in to find out when it is meeting
  • Gilda can drop off leaflets in different locations if needed
  • Gilda will ask Unison if we can use their office as a pick-up point for leaflets

Local support for the People's Assembly

  • Andy S has been contacting local MPs and councillors. Fabian Hamilton's positive response has been circulated and positive responses from two Bradford Councillors will also be circulated.
  • Andy Y has submitted a motion to his CWU branch about supporting the People's Assembly and for that motion to go to Leeds Trades Council. In order for the branch to donate money we would need to have a bank account.
  • The CP will donate £100
  • Ged has finished the list of local organisations to contact but can't identify or find contact details for all the local trade union branches.
  • We will email the Secretary of Leeds Trades Council about our events and ask him to circulate the info to TUC-affiliated branches in Leeds
  • We have a way of contacting Unite and Unison branches in the Calderdale area and will send them details of our events.

29 September NHS Demonstration

  • There are leaflets in London for the 29th September demonstration but we would need to collect them ourselves.
  • Matthew is in London soon so will collect them and pass them to Andy S
  • Andy has asked Karen from Unite about buses for the 29th and will circulate info when he hears back from her


  • A resolution was passed to set up a bank account with NatWest
  • Nicola Swan will be the treasurer
  • Richard Hebbert, Andy Sellers, Brian Parkin and Colin Smith will be signatories.
  • Nicola will draft a constitution

Other Organisational Matters

  • York People's Assembly will now include North Yorkshire to the east of the A1. However we will continue to be called West and North Yorkshire.


  • Agreed that we will advertise and support the protest against zero-hours contracts on 17 August at 12pm outside Sports Direct. Kevin will circulate further details.
  • KONP are leafleting on 7th and 21st and Gilda is proposing to KONP that the 21st is made a big leafleting day with people from lots of different campaigns getting the word out about the demonstration on the 29th.

Future meetings and events

  • Next meeting on 19th at 6:15pm at Leeds Met Café (in the Leslie Silver Building)
  • Everyone should have a think about what workshops etc we want to have on the 5th October at the People's Assembly
  • We will film and upload the speeches on 3rd September. Ged and Sanaz will look into this
  • Volunteers who are willing to do research into specific ways in which austerity is being implemented in our area should send their findings to Helen Olney, who will add it to the website