Minutes - 16th September 2013

Reports back

  • Treasurer (NS): collection from Owen Jones et al public meeting £385+. Bank account in process of being set up. National PA have asked for Owen Jones train fare (£90+).
  • Trades Union support: backed by Leeds NUT (NJ): NUT would be willing to provide a speaker on education for November Peoples Assembly in Leeds (Patrick Murphy Leeds NUT and NEC or Hazel Danson Kirklees NUT and NEC). John Westmoreland from York had offered to speak on higher education but suggestion made re: having a more local speaker.
  • Brian P will contact Leeds Trades council to request they circulate advance notice and advertising for the November Peoples Assembly as it is noted the TUC Conference agreed to back the PA.
  • Brian also brought a supply of glossy 2 sided leaflets advertising the September 29th Manchester Demo and he will also approach the printer about a leaflet/program for the November Peoples Assembly.

Date of the November People's Assembly

  • The previously proposed date of 2nd November clashes with the National Student People's Assembly. It was agreed that we would postpone our event til 9th November.

Venue for 9th November

  • Still no confirmation of venue. Possibles include University, Blenheim Church, Trinity Church, Leeds Civic Hall, Swarthmore. Issues include cost, size, capacity and confirmation of event date. RB to continue to explore venues with some hope Civic Hall may be available: but if no venue confirmed by Thursday 19th September the meeting agreed to book Swarthmore Centre.
  • It was agreed that we continue to contact groups and discuss workshops/speakers.

Publicity for 29th demo in Manchester

  • As above: new W&N Yorks PA leaflet available (contact NJ or BP)
  • Planned mass leafletting alongside Keep our NHS Public outside Virgin Money on 21st September from 12noon onwards.

Discussion re 5th November "civil disobedience"

  • No decision made - to discuss further and contact UK Uncut/Green & Black etc.

Other activies for PA in Sept/Oct

  • RA will be around the university from Friday 20th Sept and can be contacted re: leafletting freshers fair.
  • Teacher's strike and rally 01/10/2013: NJ to confirm details when agreed and finalised by NUT.
  • EDL In Bradford on 12/10/2013 - UAF meeting 17/09/2013 Leeds Civic Hall 7.30pm to discuss response.
  • Discussed People's Assembly activity outside the city centre and it was agreed to draw up a plan of stalls each Saturday in Bradford, Bramley, Armley, Beeston (on match days), Rothwell, Morley etc to do leafletting and petitioning through October prior to 9th November event.

Any other business

  • Rebecca presented a proposal on how the 9th November event should run: workshop topics, speakers, format etc.
  • Felt that this was a welcome attempt to think about how the Assembly would run but a number of concerns were expressed about the proposed format and it was agreed that we would continue to discuss this. General feeling that we should maximise opportunity to discuss and plan activity and move away from some of the more traditional 'political discussion' that tends to dominate previous conferences and contact other campaigns not usually involved in similar events.
  • SB mentioned Hands off our Homes public meeting in Armley on 19th September 7.00pm at Dennison Hall.
  • Next meeting 6.15pm on 23rd September at Leeds Met, Broadcasting Place.