Minutes - 17th February 2014


  • We have received £758 and have £165 in pledges (some of which are now quite old)
  • We've spent £619 on two sets of leaflets and booking the Swarthmore Centre
  • Balance £139

People's Assembly Recall Conference - 15th March - Transport

  • The megabus that would arrive in London in time for the start of the conference leaves at 3:15am. A return by megabus would be £11
  • A return train ticket is currently around £80
  • Tickets for the event cost £5 and can be bought online here.

People's Assembly Recall Conference - 15th March - Delegates

  • Delegates will be:
    • Rhi
    • Niccola
    • Helen
    • Andy S
    • Brian
    • Russell
    • Ben
    • Cormac
    • Dick
    • Kevin (observer)
  • Andy H is going as a delegate for Selby
  • Delegates will email Rhi to let her know what funding they require but they should make their own travel arrangements.

People's Assembly Recall Conference - 15th March - Motions

  • The group decided to submit Brian's motion about trade unions. Brian will modify this to meet the required format.
  • The group also agreed to submit Nicola's motion about fees and membership. Nicola to make some minor adjustments.
  • Selby will propose the motion about focussing on austerity issues.

Upcoming events

  • Tuesday 18th Feb, film: Paragraph 175, Electric Press, Leeds Met
  • Wednesday 19th Feb, ATOS Demos
  • 27th Feb, Own Jones is speaking at the Doncaster People's Assembly. Trades Centre, 7-9pm
  • York demo 8th March - Russell to send Helen the transport details. Helen is painting placards and is happy to take orders
  • 22nd March - there is free transport to the UAF demo in London

For details of these events and more see our website: wnypeoplesassembly.org.uk

Next meeting

  • 3rd March 6:30pm in the Gaelic Room, O'Neills.