Minutes - 18th November 2013

Reflections on the Leeds People's Assembly held on Sat 9th Nov:

  • Brian circulated some lessons we can learn following on from the 9th
  • More time needs to be spent on publicity preceeding events
  • The workshop format worked well
  • There was some concern about turnout
  • There has been a genral downwards trend in turnout in Leeds from the anti-cuts meeting a couple of years ago
  • Although turnout wasn't huge, many different groups were represented
  • Events are being organised by a very small group of people which is why we've struggled at times
  • Two or three people should be assigned to key tasks - important tasks shouldn't be left in the hands of one person

Going forward:

  • We need to work towards the MEP and local elections next April
  • We need to reach out to minority communities - particularly the youth
  • Anti-racism / anti-fascist work has to be woven into concrete issues, e.g. housing, employment and education
  • We can try attracting more people by picking particular issues and inviting people from other campaigns to talk to us. Loads of planning meetings are getting boring!
  • We could organise a forum before the April elections and invite politicians, councillors etc to debate. With the aim to get them to declare where they're coming from and what they want to do - bringing back some accountability
  • We should work more with the Trades Council
  • Students have been under-represented so far - we could reach out to student feminists, medical students, rev soc and socialist students
  • We need to link with other groups and go to meetings. Particularly campaign groups - not just other left groups. E.g. feminist groups, food banks, unions
  • Subject-based co-ordinaters from the People's Assembly will reach out to other groups:
    • Sanaz - anti-racism / anti-fascism
    • Helen - environment
    • Brian - trade unions
    • Gilda / Mark - health
    • Rhi / Colin - welfare
  • Helen & Dick to work on a newsletter / write up to send people on the mailing list and those who attended on the 9th
  • We could work on a brochure to send out in the New Year - highlighting union affiliations - and have a bit of a relaunch. We need to explain what we are and what we do

Public meeting on 25th November

  • As well as discussing the draft statement, we will contact the Trades Council and Youth Fight For Jobs to see if they can come along to discuss the demo on the 7th
  • We will send an email to the mailing list and ask people to send in their suggestions for the draft statement in advance
  • We can discuss statement suggestions after discussing the demo

Christmas action on the 7th December

  • Once the details have been decided on the 25th, Mark & Helen will help organise props etc

London meeting on the 7th December

  • Andy will go as our representative
  • The group agreed that Andy's train fare should be paid out of the group's funds

Public meeting on the 9th December

  • We will invite a representative from Unite to speak on zero hours contracts

Public meeting on the 13th January

  • Topic to be energy - Helen will contact interested parties
  • Rhi will contact Wharf to try and book for both the 9th December and 13th January from 6:30pm

Upcoming events