Minutes - 19th August 2013

NHS demo

Leeds Unison are organising transport to Manchester on the 29th September. To book a place, call them on 0113 2458442


  • We have both the local and national leaflets now. These can be collected from the Unison office at 160a Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9EN.
  • Dick has finished the press release and sent this out and has been interviewed by the Yorkshire Post
  • The press release should be sent to the media officers at head office to see if they can help spread it further
  • Further press releases should be sent out leading up to the event
  • Individuals in the group are encouraged to write to their local papers regarding the event on the 3rd Sept
  • Rhiannon has emailed community groups inviting them to the event on the 3rd Sept
  • A motion has been put forward to the Leeds Trades Council to support the group and this will be discussed a week on Wednesday
  • Liz has secured 6 spots on Fever FM community radio - 3 for the event on the 3rd Sept and 3 for the NHS demo on the 29th Sept
  • Andy will contact head office to see if Owen Jones would be willing to record a piece for these slots
  • The public FaceBook event for the 3rd is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/577148075676564/ Please invite anyone you know who might be interested
  • Left Unity are sending out an email about West/North Yorks People's Assembly
  • Leaflets will be distributed at the carnival, hospital / community centre notice boards and train / bus stations


  • Setting up of a bank account is in progress. Nicola has an appointment with the bank on Friday and will then email the signatories
  • The signatories on the bank account will need to visit a branch with ID and proof of address
  • Rhiannon will replace Colin as one of the signatories
  • £150 has been pledged and can be transferred once the bank account is set up
  • Buckets for donations will be circulated at the event on the 3rd Sept
  • Helen will investigate adding a 'Donate' button to the website - both for one off donations and regular payments

September 3rd Event

  • Rhiannon will look into the printing of a table banner
  • A working group was formed to organise the details for the 3rd. This includes Helen, Rebecca, Colin & Rhiannon
  • Sanaz will follow up on the videoing of the event
  • The Civic Hall can be kept in reserve
  • Speakers from Keep Our NHS Public and Hands Off Our Homes are coming
  • Colin will make contact with the DPAC member in Sheffield to enquire about speaking
  • Debbie Wilkinson, Unite member from Yorkshire Ambulances is keen to speak at the event regarding their ongoing dispute. The meeting voted that we will invite her.
  • All speakers to speak first then a discussion afterwards. Unfortunately, there's no time for questions / discussion inbetween speakers. We need to be out of the building, stalls and all, by 9pm.
  • Discussed options for someone to chair. The group decided on Matthew, who was not present, from UCU and our PAAA as a first preference, if Matthew declines we would like Paul Blackledge from Leeds Met UCU to chair.

The next meeting will be at 6.15pm on Tuesday 27th in the boardroom of Broadcasting House