Minutes - 25th November 2013

Planning for 7th December employment action

  • Unite Community are keen to participate. However, Joe Rollin is currently on holiday and there hasn't been a reply from Leeds TUC
  • Youth Fight for Jobs will come along
  • Request the rat from Unite
  • We will meet at Sports Direct at 2pm then tour around other zero hours employers in Leeds City Centre - Brian will research offenders
  • Possibly join with Leeds Keep Our NHS Public outside Virgin on Commercial St
  • The theme will be happy elves - Santa pays a living wage so why don't you? Andy Y will play santa. Everyone else to dress as elves
  • Helen will prepare an image to use for publicity on social media
  • Andy Y will investigate a leaflet and petition for the day - leaflet to mention Youth Fight for Jobs, Unite Community, CWU, Trades Council and publicise the upcoming People's Assembly events.

Discussion of the PA recall and draft statement

  • The last national People's Assembly was top heavy with speakers. We need to bring in more local activists.
  • This has to be a grass roots movement led by action from below. The recall should be more democratic and more participatory
  • The People's Assembly can be used to put demands on union leaders and Labour. Labour don't want to rock the boat in the lead up to the next election
  • It's OK for the statement to be open and leave some questions unanswered. This allows lots of organisations to be involved without alienating anyone
  • Ommissions include immigration (immigration controls aren't the answer to problems), energy prices, affordable public transport, social housing, rent control, climate change, taking bailed out banks into democratic control
  • The People's Assembly could hold referendums / petitions and organise street actions on these issues
  • How is the national PA going to become the property of the local PA's. Accountable and representative - not just led by union leaders etc
  • Need policies but also a strategy of action. Need to work more with other geographically close PA's
  • The sentence 'privatisation can be reversed' is too vague and needs to be expanded
  • Replace 'common ownership' with 'public ownership'
  • Need to make is clear we oppose all cuts and won't accept 'austeriy lite'
  • Concern that a list of detailed policies could make the statement unreadable
  • Compared with the People's Charter, the draft statement doesn't make it clear what we're for - this is lost at the end after a long section about what we're against
  • Perhaps two documents are needed: 'What we stand for' and 'What we're going to do'
  • We will discuss the statement further in Jan

Upcoming PA events

  • 9th Dec - employment meeting (Andy Y to see if student living wage campaigners can attend)
  • 13th Jan - energy (Helen to put together a plan)
  • 27th Jan - draft statement discussion
  • Andy Y will try to book the Packhorse or TUC for the above

Other events

  • Wednesday 27th November, 1pm, Conference auditorium 2, Leeds Uni, Strike Meeting
  • Thursday 28th November, 9:30am, Leeds Combined Court, Westgate, HOOH Bedroom Tax: No ifs, no buts, no evictions!
  • Tuesday 3rd December, Higher Education Strike