Minutes - 27th January 2014

Recall conference in London on 15th March

  • Andy S explained the information circulated by head office
  • Each local People's Assembly can send 10 delegates
  • National trade unions can send 10 delegates
  • National campaigning groups can send 5 delegates
  • Local TUCs can send 2 delegates
  • Local anti cuts campaigns can send 2 delegates
  • There is an invite letter we can send to groups we think may be interested
  • Andy S has sent this to the Leeds Trades Council. Please let Andy know of any other groups who may be interested
  • Individuals are welcome to go along too but won't be able to vote
  • There is a £5 fee
  • In the run up to the conference, we are entitled to submit two motions - deadline 22nd February
  • The motions will then be subject to a compositing process
  • The two motions must fall into one of the following: future actions, structure, aims - only one motion per category
  • There is a 200 word limit for motions
  • Andy from Selby is driving to London on Friday, coming back on Sunday and has spaces in his car
  • Rhi couldn't attend the meeting but asked to be put forward as one of the delegates
  • Both Nicola and Helen said they would like to attend but don't mind if they're not official delegates
  • The group agreed that the official delegates should represent the group as a whole
  • Andy S will send round an email asking who would like to attend and for suggestions for motions

Membership / subscriptions / funding

  • The national committee have suggested paid membership / affiliation
  • The group felt that this should be kept low for individuals with unions perhaps been able to pay more
  • A sliding scale was proposed with the lowest bracket to be zero
  • Allow individuals to choose which bracket they can afford - it isn't as simple as saying waged vs unwaged as some working people have large outgoings and debts
  • The national subs could perhaps be split 75%/25% national/local
  • The above suggestions could form one of our motions
  • On a local level, it was felt that a cash float would be useful
  • We need funds to cover transport
  • One suggestion was to distribute bankers drafts

Hands Off Our Unions Tour

  • Manuel Cortes, leader of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) is available on the 24th February
  • Andy S has also contacted Leeds Trades Council to see if any local trade reps are available on that date
  • Regarding a venue, Brian will try to book a room in the Civic Hall on that date

Emailing Councillors and candidates in the lead up to the local elections

  • The group discussed the difficulties in researching and organising this
  • It was felt that rather than a serious of letters on different subjects, it would be better to produce one letter with very specific, key questions focussed on things which are in local juristriction
  • For example, Would you evict tenants in arrears due to the bedroom tax? Would you vote for planning permission for fracking? Would you vote for an austerity budget?
  • People can then send this to their local councillors and candidates mentioning that they are writing as a member of the People's Assembly
  • We will ask people to let us know who they've sent it to and pass on replies so we can publish them on the website

Other business

  • Brian suggested linking with Unite Against Fascism in the Brons Out campaign to stop Andrew Brons from getting elected to the European Parliament in 2014.
  • Andy S suggested another group member having access to the email account and said Helen had volunteered. Daragh also has the password if needed.
  • The saga of setting up the bank account is still ongoing and Nicola is following up.
  • Left Unity are arranging a meeting around the anniversary of the miners' stike near International Women's Day and asked if the People's Assembly would like to co-sponsor. The group agreed they would. Details to follow. It was suggested that we invite a speaker from the Justice for Orgreave campaign.
  • Next month a report is coming out on the impact of cuts on health in Leeds. This would be a useful document for us to have.
  • Brian mentioned an incinerator in Cross Green. Areas round incinerators have been found to have a higher incidence of cardio vascular diseases. The council are now doing plume testing to check deposits. However, as they've signed a 99 year lease, it will be very difficult for them to get out of the arrangement.

Upcoming events

  • Friday 7th February, Branch Meeting, Unite Community, Unite Regional Office, 55 Call Lane
  • Sunday 16th February, PAFRAS / No Borders Leeds / Justice4Sanaz Fundraiser!, Wharf Chambers, 6pm
  • Wednesday 19th February, The Current Balance of Class Forces, Room BG AG10, Broadcasting Place, Leeds Met, 7pm
  • Wednesday 26th February, Leeds City Council meeting. It is expected that a further £75 million cuts will be announced
  • Saturday 5th April, Bedroom Tax Demo, Victoria Gardens, 12noon, all banners welcome

Next meeting

  • Monday 10th February - venue TBC