Minutes - 30th September 2013

Reports Back

  • Very successful demo in Manchester on 29.9.13. Andy asked for a report for the WNYPAAA website
  • Ged reported on the meeting of the Student's Assembly locally and the first meeting nationally. He stressd the need for co-ordination between the Students and the WNYPAAA particularly in relation to the action on 5.11.23.
  • Handing out flyers for Manchester in Bradford had got some good response but had clashed with a separate event - good to have a stall - contact with the Coalition Against the Cuts Andy to attend their forthcoming meeting
  • Leeds Trades Council have now passed a motion of support for the WNYPAAA
  • Nick is still waiting for signatories to go to the bank - once don there are some pledged donations - Leeds UCU and Leeds Trades Council have each donated £50
  • Dick has provisionally booked the Swarthmore for 10-4 on 9.11.13 - the centre is very keen to have the PAAA there and is supportive - hall and three rooms - cost is £429 but Swarthmore have said they would be prepared to negotiate - Dick to confirm booking and negotiate the price
  • Calder group has had its first meeting

November 9th

  • The form of the day will be an opening meeting for all followed by four workshops in the morning and four in the afternoon on the broad topics identified at the last meeting - no speakers as such but facilitators and other organisations invited to participate
  • Registration from 10am
  • Discussion as to which organisations to contact and a list prepared-members to contact and report back
  • Need to start publicity - Ged to produce flyer to distribute at teacher's rally on 1 October

November 5th

  • Possibility of joining with student action - plan to take an intersection and hold for as long as possible
  • Should there be something in the evening - people working during the day - bonfire at Woodhouse Moor with appropriate Guy? - After work rally at Dortmund Square? - Agitprop?
  • Make contact with groups on Light Night this weekend - also UK Uncut

Other Dates

  • Members encouraged to support the teacher's strike and rally on 1.10.13
  • Also support the Bradford action for the visit of the EDL