Minutes - 5th August 2013

Report on contacting other groups

  • Andy: UNITE Community Branch
  • Leeds University UCU
  • Disabled People Against the Cuts
  • Bradford People's Coalition Against Cuts
  • 38 Degrees
  • Ged is constructing a spreadsheet/database with regional/local TUs, anti-cuts groups, etc.
  • Lynne: National Pensioners' Convention, Austerity Uncovered, False Economy
  • Discussion on motion to Trades Council from affiliated union asking for support, potentially via Marc or David - but has to be done very soon (2nd to last Weds of the month).
  • Union motion asking for support is available from national web-site.

Sept 3rd meeting with Owen Jones

  • Voted to ask speakers from local campaigns - DPAC, KONP, Anti-Bedroom Tax campaign.
  • Looking for space with room for stalls.
  • Location: RoseBowl Lecture Theatre A a possibility (but closes at 9PM, might be problems booking) - Matthew & Christian to investigate
  • Or Civic Hall - Brian to investigate.

Publicity group - Brian to co-ordinate, including contact with Pete Lazenby.

  • Brian & Dick to co-ordinate on press release.
  • Leaflets - Dick to speak to printers.
  • Publicity group to plan distribution of leaflets.
  • Saturday 21st - propose an 'All-Out to Get-Out' day for mass leafleting, including appeal to other groups who support demo against the Tories.

Oct 5th Leeds People's Assembly Workshops

  • Location? Broadcasting Place - difficulties with Saturday bookings
  • Leeds University Students Union? Ged to explore
  • Swarthmore - Rebecca to check costs.

Next meeting: Monday, August 12th 6-9PM BPAG10