Minutes - 9th December 2013

Finance: collections from events and meetings plus donations from CPB £703 minus £619 for Swarthmore event plus pledges still to come in

Zero hours action united everyone. Trades Council wants to work as closely as possible (Kevin)

Future work ideas:

  • focus on zero hours
  • stay flexible and look for flashpoints
  • Elections next year and campaigning vs bnp euro mp
  • Bob Crowe open to campaign with local groups on huge costs of rail commuting (average 19% of income in Leeds one of highest)
  • Weekly saturday stall or at least regular stalls, not necessarily all on Saturday
  • monthly action to bring whole movement together, poss involving street theatre
  • big new year speaker event like Owen jones
  • Big seminar on employment issues
  • Monthly forum eg Hovis workers, student activists

Action points:

  • AS will check o jones availability with national PA office
  • agreed send message of support to students - Brian
  • AS will check if can get speaker for national speakers tour hands off our union - poss could get Leeds TUC to back
  • AS brian and any volunteers to meet to organise nuts n bolts propossl for new year
  • Elizabeth Contacting Zoe Williams an evening forum on austerity and elections in April
  • future mtg with joe Rollins on future zero hours action AS to arrange and contact people to let others know

Report 7 dec national PA org mtg - AS

  • Day of action 14 dec (we were week early!)
  • National speakers tour around hands off our unions letter
  • week of student action 3 feb vs student debt book
  • 22 feb conway hall london women's assembly
  • recall PA 15 march 2014 now: delegate based- 10 per local PA plus from unions etc for voting tho anyone can go - each local group can submit two motions
  • 19 march budget day protests
  • 22 March national UAF demo
  • proposing national demo for 21 June
  • 9-10 Sept NATO summit Newport protests
  • TUC national demo Oct 2014
  • want to submit motion to national delegate conf about membership with subs > discuss at future date
  • AS to circulate documents from 7 dec mtg

Calderdale and now Kirklees are setting up own people assemblies

PA 5 nov 2013 day of action merrion centre assault of blacklisting protestors - appeal for witnesses


  • See national dates above
  • Bradford city hall protest 330 tues 10 dec vs closure youth services
  • student action leeds uni union 12 noon wed cops off campus protest as part of day of action against mass arrests of non violent student protestors at university London union closure
  • 13 jan PA mtg on energy Packhorse pub 630
  • 27 jan PA mtg internal