Minutes - 9th September 2013

Report backs

  • 3rd Sept meeting with Owen Jones was a great success and around 250 attended. About 150 left their contact details. Leaflet distribution through Unison office and using Eventbrite worked well. Will get a report of how much money was collected in donations at the next meeting.
  • 7 September loan shark protest had about 10 people at it and was good for short notice.
  • Bank account and donations. Bank account in the process of being set up Unison Community Health branch will donate £200. Nick is taking a motion to NUT branch on Wed and will draft a model motion which we will circulate on the mailing list. Brian and Steve will draw up a list of trade unionists to contact. Could anyone with an upcoming branch meeting please specifically pass a motion for the TUC about making a donation please.
  • Contact from other groups. Andy reported that Green councillors in Bradford have contacted us with a message of support and have offered to speak on 5 October.

Arrangements for 29 September

  • Telephone number for Unison coaches has been circulated by email, and a phone number for Wakefield coaches. Matthew will send a number for Bradford coaches to circulate.
  • Helen will design artwork for the back of the People's Assembly leaflet about the 29th and put local transport info and our contact details on it. Brian will organise for 5,000 to be printed for £99. If it can be done in time he will bring them to the next meeting to distribute.

Venue for 2 November

  • It was decided that we would move our day event to 2 November. Rebecca, Andy and Steve will work on finalising a venue that fits about 250 people in it. Aimto have it sorted to be agreed at next meeting. We will book from 10am to 5pm to allow time for setting up the room and clearing up at the end etc.

Format of 5th November

  • A number of proposals made and people encouraged to take those ideas away and write written proposals for the programme of the day event to bring to the next meeting In the meantime Nick will start to organise workshops on NHS and education.

Upcoming events

  • the march from West Yorkshire to Manchester for 29th looks like it might be cancelled but Nick will update u when he knows what is happening.
  • Teachers' strike on 1st October. Rebecca will contact York anti-cuts group about tea and butties thing they did an report back.
  • Band together for the NHS event. 12 September, Bradford City Hall at 7pm
  • 12 Oct - anti-EDL demonstration in Bradford

Any other business

  • Andy will change the email list to BCC. If anyone wants to volunteer to hel administrate the emails then please email in to volunteer.
  • Mark has some poles that can be used for the banner on 29th
  • Helen will design some A3 posters to use on protests. Mark/Nick can laminate them, and the laminates cost about £15 for 40. Rhi and Steve will look into printing.

Next meeting

  • Monday 16 Sept, 6:15pm at Broadcasting Place
  • Brian will bring NHS leaflets to distribute and Helen will inc this in the fb event