Bedroom Tax Demo, Leeds

Bedroom Tax Demo, Leeds

i 5 April 2014

Hundreds took to the streets of Leeds on Saturday 5 April to show their opposition to the bedroom tax a year after its introduction. The march was organised by Hands Off Our Homes, a group of tenants and residents living in Leeds. The demo was one of several taking place up and down the country.

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See photos and videos from the day.

Lib Dem Spring Conference Demo, York

Lib Dem Spring Conference Demo, York

i 9 March 2014

West Yorkshire People's Assembly travelled to York to join 2,000-3,000 others to protest outside the Liberal Democrat spring conference over the governments austerity cuts. The march and rally was organised by the TUC under the title 'Better Way Demo'. A group of all women speakers (the demo co-incided with International Womens' Day) talked the austerity measures that the coalition government are bringing about.

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ATOS Demo, Leeds

ATOS Demo, Leeds

i 19 February 2014

West Yorkshire People's Assembly joined Unite Community and others outside the ATOS Assessment Centre in Leeds today. The demonstration was just one of many up and down the country to protest against the inhumane treatment of sick and disabled people by ATOS,

ATOS - a profit driven multi-national company hired by the government to assess the capability of disabled people to work - has increasingly come under fire for its treatment of disabled people attending for work capability assessments.

Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner said: "The government's own figures last year showed that 10,600 people died within six weeks of being declared 'fit for work' by Atos. This alone should have set alarm bells ringing that the assessments were not fit for purpose. We are calling on the government to stop this degrading policy and introduce a fairer transparent system that restores dignity to the sick and disabled."

See photos from the day.

Fast Food Rights Demo, Leeds

Fast Food Rights Demo, Leeds

i 15 February 2014

Saturday 15 February saw the first day of action to launch the Fast Food Rights campaign. The campaign targets companies such as McDonald's, Costa Coffee and Burger King who use Zero Hours contracts and refuse to pay their workers a decent wage.

The demo in Leeds was supported by the West Yorkshire People's Assembly and Unite the Union.

Read Unite's statement here.
Read more about the Fast Food Rights campaign here.

Valley Wind Community Energy

Halifax A&E Campaign

i 30 January 2014

The union Unison are working towards holding a mass Public Meeting in Halifax and would like you ALL to get involved.

As the local population waits to be informed about the future of Calderdale Royal Hospital Accident & Emergency Department, Band Together for the NHS are getting ready and getting organised.

If you are concerned about the future of A & E services in Calderdale, passionate about the NHS and are interested in this campaign please click here to find out more.

Valley Wind Community Energy

Support a Local Community Energy Project

i 13 December 2013

Valley Wind is a community energy project in Kirklees. Valley Wind want to put up 3 wind turbines on Slaithwaite Moor above the Colne Valley. It will be owned by members of the local community and will generate enough clean, green energy to supply 4,800 homes. A small - very dedicated and determind group have spent 8 years researching, finding a site, securing funding and developing plans. The planning application has just gone in and the deadline for comments is the 3rd of January.

In the current situation of our energy supply being in the hands of a few big companies, massive hikes in fuel bills, fuel poverty and threats to green targets, community energy projects - though small - can start to help make a difference.

Valley Wind are asking for anyone who supports the idea to register their comments to Kirklees planning department. You don't have to be from Kirklees to comment although it would help if you say you like to visit the area for walking / tourism etc.

Click here to find out how you can support the planning application.

Protest Against Zero Hours Contracts

Protest Against Zero Hours Contracts

i 7 December 2013

West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly joined with Unite Community and Youth Fight For Jobs for for a creative protest over a serious issue. Dressed as elves, activists took to the streets of Leeds to protest against zero hours contracts and workfare.

See photos from the day.

Read the article about the event in the Yorkshire Times:

Support Elf Rights! - Activists Come Together For Protest Against Zero Hour Contracts and Workfare
Leeds People's Assembly, Day of Workshops

Leeds People's Assembly, Day of Workshops

i 9 November 2013

On the 9th of November the West Yorkshire People's Assembly organised a day of workshops on the topics of employment, welfare & living standards, public services, environment, anti-racism & anti-fascism, alternatives, activism and education. Sam Fairbairn - from the national People's Assembly - kicked off the event by talking about plans for the coming months. The day provided a great opportunity for people from various campaigns and groups to get together and exchange ideas.

See photos from the day.

Read the write ups.

Sports Direct, Zero Hours Protest, Leeds

Day of Action, Leeds

i 5 November 2013

West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly joined with Unite Community, Hands Off Our Homes, Leeds Keep Our NHS Public and NAPO probation workers for a lively demonstration outside Sports Direct in Leeds against their use of zero hours contacts. The event was just one of many taking place in 40 towns and cities to highlight the human cost of the government's cuts programme which has seen many local services decimated, jobs lost, wages frozen and the benefits which supported some of the neediest in our community drastically reduced.

See photos from the day.

Vince Cable, York

Welcoming Vince Cable to York

i 10 October 2013

A group of people from York People's Assembly met Vince Cable as he arrived in York to discuss the living wage and in-work poverty. Despite many people having started the work day, students, pensioners, union reps and more lined up with placards and a clear message: if Mr Cable wants to fix poverty, he needs to start by undoing the damage his government is doing. The Press and Radio York came out to interview and photograph the protesters, and several passing vehicles hooted their horns in support of our messages. The whole Lib Dem party are coming in March 2014, so it was a nice little warm up!

Teachers Strike, Leeds

Teachers Strike, Leeds

i 1 October 2013

West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly joined a tremendous march and rally in Leeds today as NUT and NASUWT teachers struck against coalition policies.

See photos and press coverage of the demo.

Save Our NHS Demo, Manchester

Save Our NHS Demo, Manchester

i 29 September 2013

West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly join union members and activists

Over 50,000 people attended the peace protest against changes to the NHS. Five coaches went to Manchester from Leeds.

See photos and watch videos of the demo.

Legal Loan Shark Demo, Leeds

Day of Action Against Legal Loan Sharks

i 7 September 2013

The People's Assemblies held a national day of coordinated peaceful direct action against "legal loan sharks" on Saturday 7th September.

Payday loan companies are loan sharks making a killing from the biggest fall in real wages and living standards recorded in modern times.

In this country, a million people a month are being driven into the arms of "payday loan" companies, charting extortionate interest at rates of up to 5,853%. These companies are nothing other than legalised loan sharks, making obscene profits from a crisis that ordinary working people did not create.

The internet lender Wonga alone is now three times the size of all the 390 credit unions in Britain. During 2012 it handed out £1.2 billion in loans, matching the amount granted by Nationwide in personal loans.

Alternatives exist. Employers must be forced to pay a decent living wage. The banks which were bailed out by the people must be taken into democratic control and funds used to rebuild the economy.

If you need money urgently, please get in touch with Citizens Advice. Join a credit union, don't put yourself into debt with these rip-off merchants.

See photos from the Leeds demo and watch ITV's coverage of the demo in Manchester.

Keep Our NHS Public, Leeds

Spporting Keep Our NHS Public in Leeds

i 7 September 2013

Members from West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly joined a stall organised by Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) to highlight the privatisation of our health service through unscrupulous companies such as Virgin. See photos from the event.

To find out more about what's happening to our NHS, read KONP's leaflet (pdf) and watch these videos.

First West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly a Success

i 4 September 2013

The first West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly took place on the 3rd September and was attended by over 250 people. Speeches were given by Liz Kitching (Hands Off Our Homes), Debbie Wilkinson (Unite Yorkshire Ambulance Service), Dr John Puntis (Keep Our NHS Public) and Owen Jones (author and columnist). The speeches were followed by contributions from the floor.

The venue was packed to capacity, and there was an inspiring mood of shared purpose, anger and defiance. This event marked the launch of the People's Assembly in West Yorkshire. This is just the start. We intend to make this movement bigger and bolder on the local and national scale, so that popular opposition to the austerity consensus can no longer be ignored - and for that to happen we need you all to be involved. Please tell friends, family, workmates who might be interested to get in touch via our email address and join our Facebook Group.

To resist the government's savage dismantling of the welfare state, and defend the gains made by ordinary people over the last 65 years, will require a sustained campaign of action. It will require all the groups, trade unions, campaigns and individuals to come together and back one another's respective struggles. Check our events page for upcoming dates. Please get involved in whatever way you can.

Watch videos from the event here.

Support the Orgreave Miners in Their Fight for Justice

i 28 August 2013

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaigners are seeking the truth and justice for all miners victimised by the police at the Orgreave Coking Plant, South Yorkshire, on June 18, 1984.

Unite is backing the campaign but we need your help too. They need 100,000 signatures on the petition by November 2013. Please support them, sign the e-petition now calling for a public enquiry, to take place, as soon as possible, into the policing and subsequent statements recorded by the police at the time.

Orgreave is part of the pattern of cover ups and lies by the police from many different forces, which are now being exposed. Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign - get involved:

•  Sign the petition

•  Follow the campaign on Twitter

•  Join the conversation on Facebook

Help fund their campaign - make a donation. Please send cheques, payable to Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, and messages of support to the Treasurer, 151 Cobnar Road, Sheffield, S8 8QE.

If you would like to find out more about the campaign please email or visit the campaign website.

Press coverage of the West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly

i 26 August 2013

'A new anti-austerity campaign group has been set up with a branch in Yorkshire' reports Yvette Huddleston in today's Yorkshire Post. Read the full article here: Alternative voices take opposition outside Westminster.

Scrap Zero Hour Contracts Protest at Sports Direct, Leeds

i 17 August 2013

Members from West / North Yorkshire People's Assembly joined a protest organised by Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs & Education outside Sports Direct in Leeds to protest about zero hour contracts. Organiser Iain Dalton said "With figures showing that the Government's own estimates of employees on zero-hour contracts being an underestimate, we now see large numbers of mainstream employers revealed to be using zero hours contracts. This is a conscious strategy of employers to boost their profits at the expense of their employees. We are fighting to unionise young workers to win real contracts with guaranteed hours including full-time contracts for those who want them." Read more about the protest on ITV's Calendar website.