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Please scroll to the end of this page for a list of events to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Miners' Strike.

One of the principles of The People's Assembly is that we are a broad group connecting unions, campaign groups and parties. If you have any events, actions, issues and news that we can help publicise, please let us know by emailing west-northyorkshirepeoplesassembly@live.com

Wednesday 30th April 2014

The Crisis of the British Regime

This government is currently carrying out one of the most radical assaults ever on public spending on hospitals, disability benefits and support for the unemployed, whilst neglecting to ensure the super-rich pay their share of taxes, propping up reckless banks and promising to commit enormous sums of money to unnecessary weapons of mass-destruction.

Superficially, it seems they and the state they rely on must be in a strong position to carry out such an ambitious project, but in reality, the British Regime is in crisis. Trust in public institutions such as the police, the BBC, the press, political parties and parliament is at an historic low. Most people have lost faith in the Tory-dominated Coalition's austerity programme, seeing it for the exploitative mass-robbery that it really is.

How can this disillusionment be turned into creative energy? How can we use the weakness of the regime to the benefit of the many? How can we ensure that the future isn't as bleak as it seems?

Come along to a public meeting hosted by Counterfire to hear Chris Nineham, one of the organisers behind the hugely successful Stop the War Coalition and the 2003 anti-war protests, the biggest demonstration ever held in Britain, and to join in the discussion.

Counterfire is an organisation of socialist activists involved in movements of resistance to cuts, war, racism, sexism and ecological destruction, and has been key in establishing The People's Assembly Against Austerity.

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  • 30th April 2014, 5pm
  • 188 Woodhouse Lane
  • Leeds, LS2 9DX
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Saturday 3rd May 2014

Hope not Hate leafleteers from Calderdale

3rd and 4th May - to travel over to Burnley and give your time to assist Hope not Hate in leafleting against Nick Griffin's election campaign.

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30th Anniversary of the Miners' Strike

List of Events

Monday 3rd March 2014
Barnsley Women Against Pit Closures Exhibition Opens
Experience Barnsley
More information

Friday 7th March 2014
30 Years After the Great Miners' Strike Public Meeting
An event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1984-85 miners' strike organised by South Yorks NUJ. Speaking will be Ken Capstick, former NUM chairman, Flis Callow and Caroline Poland from Women Against Pit Closures, Barbara Jackson, of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, Arthur Critchlow, striking miner arrested at Orgreave, journalist Mike Simons, plus film clips from forthcoming film (Still) The Enemy Within and a photo exhibition. Tickets cost £5 (£3 Concessions) available from Tel: 07810 824 223
Sheffield Library Theatre, 7pm

Saturday 8th March 2014
Commemoration event at Worksop Miners' Welfare

Saturday 8th March 2014
Commemoration event at Chesterfield Winding Wheel

Sunday 9th March 2014
Commemoration event at Hatfield Main Community Heritage Association

Wednesday 12th March 2014
Meeting to commemorate 30 years since the miners' strike
Calderdale Trades Council are planning a meeting to commemorate 30 years since the miners' strike, on 12th March at the Trades Club Hebden Bridge. Ken Capstick, ex-president of Yorkshire NUM, and Mark Metcalfe from Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign have agreed to speak so far. This will be our first big public event as a Trades Council, so please put this date in your diary, and help us to make it a success.
Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, Holme St, HX7 8EE (time to be confirmed)

Thursday 13th March 2014
Public Meeting "Settling Scores - Settling Scores: The Media, the Police and the Miners' Strike"
19.30 Cohen Room, Leeds Town Hall

Tuesday 21st March 2014
Commemoration event at Rotherham Trades and Labour Club

Saturday 12th April
Kirkby Festival Hall in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts
Table Invite from Alan Spencer - 6.30 start bar closes 11.30

Saturday 14th June
Orgreave Mass Picnic and Festival

Saturday 26th July
Commemoration event at Kellingley